Colm Stockdale

Colm Stockdale was born in Waterford, Ireland. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with Hispanic Studies at University College Cork, which included an Erasmus year spent at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. During his Bachelor’s he developed an interest and passion in the area of sustainability, and pursued a Master’s degree in Co-operatives, Agri-food and Sustainable Development at University College Cork. Throughout the Master’s he was exposed to exciting areas such as social enterprise, sustainable rural development and community-led sustainability initiatives. The world is rapidly changing, and he is determined to be on the right side of this shift, creating a more sustainable future for the next generation. 

With ESR 2, Colm is excited to continue learning and exploring innovative approaches towards creating a more sustainable future, and sees CWS in rural and peripheral areas as areas of huge potential for social transformation. 

Speaking with Colm Stockdale

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