Nikos Gatsinos

Nikos was born in Athens, Greece. After having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Panteion University of Athens, he pursued a Master’s degree in Social and Solidarity Economy at the Hellenic Open University. He has previous working experience in the field of asylum, having worked with asylum seekers as a case officer for the Greek Asylum Service while applying qualitative methodologies. 

His research interests focus on the affective dimensions of social interaction which he has previously explored in the context of the Athenian co-working landscape. Following on from his previous research, in his role as ESR8 he seeks to address the potential of CWS in challenging the conditions of labor precariousness in rural Austria and Greece, as well as to develop new models of collaboration that harmonize with locally embedded networks through action research processes. 

A few words from Nikos Gatsinos

A sociologist landing to Graz and living first time abroad