Here you can find all final drafts of journal publications, policy reports, and completed PhD theses and monographs produced in the project.

CORAL-ITN Glossary

CORAL ESRs developed a web-based Glossary about key – terms and concepts of the project. The glossary marks the end of the theoretical phase of …

2nd CORAL Late Summer School Videos

02.10.2022 – 06.10.2022 – Levels of socio – economic impacts of CWS and their analysis

Keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Andy Pike (Live): Reframing urban and regional development for ‘left behind’ place

Andy Pike’ keynote speech introduced the ‘left behind places’; places that contradict to the ‘superstar cities’discourses and unveil geographical inequalities. Aiming to produce a discussion …

Keynote speech by Juli Bieman

Rural coworking: people, models, and trends

Keynote Speech by Dr Janet Merkel:

The rise of CWS in cities and beyond

CORAL-ITN Brand Toolkit

Download CORAL-ITN templates, logos and the brand manual