Here you can find all final drafts of journal publications, policy reports, and completed PhD theses and monographs produced in the project.

Survey on the Impacts of Collaborative Workspaces

Within the framework of the European project CORAL-ITN, our researcher Lorenzo Marmo (ESR13) is currently implementing a survey to understand the impacts and potentialities of …

CORAL-ITN Glossary

CORAL ESRs developed a web-based Glossary about key – terms and concepts of the project. The glossary marks the end of the theoretical phase of …

2nd CORAL Late Summer School Videos

02.10.2022 – 06.10.2022 – Levels of socio – economic impacts of CWS and their analysis

Keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Andy Pike (Live): Reframing urban and regional development for ‘left behind’ place

Andy Pike’ keynote speech introduced the ‘left behind places’; places that contradict to the ‘superstar cities’discourses and unveil geographical inequalities. Aiming to produce a discussion …

Keynote speech by Juli Bieman

Rural coworking: people, models, and trends

Keynote Speech by Dr Janet Merkel:

The rise of CWS in cities and beyond