Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Panteion University is the oldest University of Social and Political Sciences in Greece, founded in 1927,  with a great contribution to fostering and developing the social and political sciences in Greece.It is a  University, firmly oriented towards the social character of public higher education linking science and  research to practical social activity with a view to maximising its social contribution. With regard to  teaching and research the University has contributed to the shaping of the respective disciplines in Greece.  The Programme on the environmental protection is on the Academic Impact List of the United Nations. The first Postgraduate Programme in Greece was founded at Panteion University in Regional Studies in  1975. The first course in Criminology and the first Institute for Gender Studies in Greece were established  in Panteion University. Moreover, Panteion introduced the Erasmus exchange programme in Greece and  with four Jean Monet Chairs on European Law and an UNESCO Chair on Democracy and Human Rights.

The Department of Economic and Regional Development has a renewed Doctoral program with over 60  postgraduates. The Doctoral program offers methodology courses in English in qualitative and  quantitative techniques during the first year of the doctoral degree. Additionally, students of the  department have access to computer rooms, while PhD candidates are given their own offices, with fast  wifi, desks and social areas. Moreover, the Department is linked to the Regional Development Institute  that plays a major role in researching issues of urban and regional studies with numerous reports and  consultations to Greek ministries, Council of Europe and EC. The Department of Media, Communications  and Culture has also a dedicated doctoral program with over 80 students, where students take  methodology courses on a regular basis. The Department is linked to the Laboratory of Gender Studies.  Panteion university has a 4-storey library with over 25.000 titles on social sciences and access to almost  all social sciences scientific journals. Wifi is free everywhere at the campus.

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