Vera Fabinyi

Vera Fabinyi obtained her Bachelor in Sociology and Economics at the University of Konstanz, Germany, and completed her Master´s studies in Urban Design at the Technical University Berlin, Germany. During her Bachelor she got interested in creative milieu, its interdependence with the urban fabric and implications for urban governance. Subsequently she gained practical insights on implementing EU and municipality funded projects during two internships in urban development agencies. Projects, she mainly assisted in, focused on professionalizing entrepreneurs from the creative industry and on reviving vacant spaces through temporary use. For her Master´s thesis she conducted a qualitative comparison of six community-based organizations in Detroit City, USA, to overcome the dualism of CBO´s roles in urban development. Within ESR14 project she looks forward investigating how CWS are integrated in local development agendas, how they contribute to regional development and what commonalities and differences between Greece and Germany might occur.