Deutscher Kongress für Geographie (DKG) 2023 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 13-23 September 2023) Paper Session: New geographies of work and labour within, across and around collaborative workspaces

Organisers: Nikos Gatsinos*, Malte Höfner*, Suntje Schmidt** *Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz** Leibniz Institut für Raumbezogene Sozialforschung Reference Nr: 82751 Short description: This session addresses multilocalities of contemporary labour and work and their connectionto collaborative workspaces. Sharing practices within, across and around these spaces challenge (new) divisionsof labour and work. Keywords: English-language call, CollaborativeWorkspaces, Coworking, Sharing, Precariousness, Labour, Economic Geography Language of session: English […]

**Deadline extended till 28/10** Call for Abstracts: The future of Collaborative Workspaces: a multi-scalar and interdisciplinary approach

European Conference, 23-24 January 2023, Romantso, Athens-Greece Introduction to Collaborative Workspaces This conference is oriented towards understanding collaborative workspaces (CWS) and exploring their current and future relationship with global trends, regional development, communities and individuals from the perspective of various disciplines. The purpose is to focus on the phenomenon of CWS (i.e. coworking spaces, makerspaces, […]


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